Water Based

"Environmentally friendly products that endure the test of time"

Our extensive expertise ensures that we can meet your Water Based needs. Listed below is a sample of what we can do for you.

444 Series Water Based PUD
Low Gloss 3 Year Florida (Windows)
Texture (Composites)
High Gloss 80, (PVC IR reflective)
555 SeriesWater Based Baking
Water Based Baking Acrylic, PUD (Exterior Fabrications)
Water Based Bake (Fiberglass Pultrusions)
Low Temp Water Based Bake (Fiberglass Pultrusions)
666 Series Water Based Fluoropolymer
Sequoia Based on Kynar Aquatec
Water Based PVDF Fluoropolymer (Windows & Doors)
OPUS™Water Based Fluoropolymer
OPUS™ brand Water based PVDF Fluoropolymer coating (Windows & Doors)
777 Series Water Based Catalyst
Cross linking agent for Water Based 2K Systems
888 SeriesWater Based Acrylic
Water Based Primers/Topcoats (Man doors, Kitchens)
Low Gloss Direct to Metal (Elevator Guide Rails)
Low Gloss Surface Primer "0" VOC (MDF)
Barrier Coat (Rigid Architectural Foam)
Surface Primer (Rigid Architectural Foam - Applied Over Barrier Coat & May be Stained or Top Coated)
Fast Dry Dip, 200 Hr. Salt Spray (Grader Blades)
Clear Lacquer, 60 G/L, Passes Current Office Furniture Legislation (Green Guard), (Office Furniture)

* OPUS™ is a registered trademark of Superior Finishes of America™.

* Kynar Aquatec® is a registered trademark of Arkema. Inc.