Solvent Based

From Solvent Based Primer to Topcoats and everything in between, we have manufactured it all. Here is a partial list of Solvent Based products developed for our clients:

233 Series Solvent Based Primers
Fast Dry Spray (Grader Blades)
Fast Dry Spray (Restaurant Fat Reservoir)
Fast Dry Dipping (Grater Blades)
Fast Dry Vinyl (Cylinder)
Barrier Coat (Architectural Rigid Foam)
242 Series1K Polyurethane Coatings
Polyurethane Solvent 1K Mold Release Coat (Aluminum Molds-Flexible Foam)
243 Series Solvent Based Air Dry Enamels
Semi Gloss Dip (Farm Machinery Discs & Shovels)
Low Gloss Dip (Internal Combine Parts)
High Gloss Direct to Metal or Over Primer (Trailers)
Low Gloss 200 Hr. Salt Spray (Grader Blades)
Flat Finish (Tanks)
253 SeriesBaking Alkyds
Semi Gloss (Toilet Partitions, Racking, Lockers, Air Diffusers)
263 SeriesEpoxies
Epoxy Primers and Topcoats (Farm Machinery, Construction Equipment)
1:1 Primer 40% Solids (Fuel Storage Tanks)
1:1 Primer Re-coatable Smooth Finish for High Gloss Topcoats (Yard Scrappers)
1:1 Primer Re-coatable 1 week (Truck Boxes)
1:1 Topcoat Indoor Good Chemical Resistance (Band Saw Machines)
1:1 High Gloss (Metal Carpet Holders/Cutters)
3:1 High Gloss (Car Lifts)
273 Series 2K Solvent Based Urethanes
High Gloss (Fuel Tanks)
55% Volume Solids 2 Yr. Florida DTM (Farm Machinery)
55% Volume Solids Hybrid DTM S/G (Large Fuel Tanks)
50% Volume Solids (Gravel Boxes, Horse Trailers)
52% Volume Solids Ultra Durable Urethane (UDU) 5 Yr. Florida
303 Series Solvent Based Polyesters
Polyester Primer (MDF Cupboards)
Topcoat Baking Polyester (Toilet Partitions, Lockers, Racking, Office Furniture)
333 SeriesISO Free
ISO Free (Farm Machinery, Truck Boxes, Trailers, Construction Equipment)
343 SeriesUV Coatings
100% Solids UV Coating (Wood, Paper, Metal)
353 Series Solvent Based Sanding Sealers
Easy Sanding Sealer (Interior Kitchen)
Fast Dry Vinyl Sealer with Low Grain Raise (Office Furniture)
373 Series Solvent Based Vinyl Coatings
Surface Primer (Architectural Foam)
Fast Dry Vinyl Primer (Metal Components)
Strippable (Booth Coating)
Semi Gloss Lacquer (Generators, Alternators)
383 Series Solvent Based Nitro Post Cat Lacquers
Low Odor Post Cat (Interior Kitchen, Office Furniture)
453 Series Solvent Based Post Cat Varnishes
Post Cat Varnish (Office Furniture)
50-52% Solids Self Sealing, Easy Sanding, Fast Curing (Wood Furniture, Kitchen Cupboards)
480 SeriesSolvents, Reducers
Per Customer's Needs
592 Series Solvent Based Spray Stains
Spray Stain, Little to No Grain Raise (Doors, Interior Kitchens, Office Furniture)
652 Series Solvent Based Wiping Stains
High Hiding Spray and Wipe Stain (Doors, Interior Kitchens, Office Furniture)
777 SeriesSolvent Based Catalysts
Acrylic Catalyst (Urethane Systems)
PTSA (Post Cat Lacquers & Varnishes)
Catalyst (Polyester Systems)