Environmental & Special Purpose

273 Series 2K Urethanes
45-55% volume solids
333 Series ISO Free
ISO Free
343 Series UV Coatings
100% Solids, Near "0" VOC Water Based UV Coating
444 Series Water Based PUD
A Unique Air Dry/Force Dry Water Based Exterior Coating. Adheres to a Variety of Substrates. Maximum Gloss 80, Chemical Resistant, Fast Dry, 3 Year Florida-Less Than 50% Loss of Gloss & Less Than DE 5 Colour Change. Can be Used Over P.V.C. With I.R. Reflective Pigments to Lower Surface Temperature Where P.V.C. Distorts at 140F
555 Series Water Based Baking
Water Based Baking Exterior Coating for Fiberglass Windows or Metal. Applied by Vacuum Coat, 1 Min I.R. Flash, 1 Hr. Cycle at 300F in Batch Oven Gives 2H Hardness, Full Hiding at 1 Mil Dry, 100 MEK Rubs, 4 Years Florida With 50% Gloss Retention. Can be Low Temperature Cured at Approximately 260F With an On Site Analysis.
666 Series Water Based Fluoropolymer
Water Based Technology is Our Predominant Choice For The Window & Door Industry. We Have Spent Some Eleven Plus Years of Research on All Substrates With All Chemistries. If You Want 5 & 10 Year Gloss & Colour Results to AAMA You Cannot Do It Without Using Sequoia Coatings Based On Kynar Aquatec PVDF Fluoropolymer. Sequoia 666 Series Coatings Utilize 70-80% Kynar Aquatec In Their Formulas.

Caution Should Be Taken When Claims For 5 & 10 Year Durability Are Made On Coatings Containing No Kynar Aquatec PVDF.

* If You Use Superior Finishes 666 Series With Kynar Aquatec Apply To Superior Finishes & We Will Help You Get A License To Use The Kynar Aquatec Name In Your Promotions.
Water based technology is our predominant choice for the window and door industry. We have spent years of research on all substrates with all chemistries. One thing is for sure, if you want 5 and 10+ years of gloss and color results to AAMA you cannot do it without using OPUS™ brand coatings that have been formulated with a PVDF fluoropolymer. Caution should be taken when claims for 5 and 10+ year durability are made without using OPUS™ brand based PVDF fluoropolymer coating.

* If you use Superior Finishes of America's™ OPUS™, apply to Superior Finishes and we will help you get a license to use the OPUS™ brand name in your promotions.
888 Series Water Based Acrylic
“0” VOC Water Based Vacuum Coating For MDF. Little to No Grain Raise, Fast Dry Primer. 45-47% Volume Solids. Sequioa Green Guard Water Based Coating Contains 60 G/L, Emissions After Curing Do Not Add To The VOC Problems In Home or Office Environment, Self Sealing, Little Grain Raise.


  • Korporlastic Caulking

* OPUS™ is a registered trademark of Superior Finishes of America™.

* Kynar Aquatec® is a registered trademark of Arkema. Inc.