Case Studies

Our Water Based Coating Achievements

Case Study

The Beginning
In 1997, one of our customers asked us to produce a water based paint for his vacuum coater. We had never developed water based paint before, and the customer’s requirement wish list was long, but our Technical Director was persistent, and managed to achieve all of the requested physical properties.

Today, we market water based coatings all the way down to, in some cases, zero volatile organic compounds (VOC). Whether it’s for solid wood, veneers, composite, metal, MDF or straw board - we coat them all.

Our Process
When developing a new water based coating, or water based product line we work closely with our customers, equipment suppliers and our laboratory technicians. We can also help customers get Green Guard approvals for their unique water based products.

Water Based Achievements
We've successfully converted a custom coater on composite material from solvent based to water based. This helped our customer reduce the number of coats required, resulting in savings of over 20% in paint volume. The customer had been waiting over two years for a solution from his previous paint supplier, yet we managed to have it formulated and tested in less than 3 months.

Water Based vs. Solvent Based
In most cases, the physical properties of a coating are more advantageous in water based than conventional solvent based. Our OPUS™ brand Kynar Aquatec® water based PVDF fluoropolymer is a substance that gives 10 to 20 plus years more gloss and colour retention for outdoor coatings.

If you’d like to learn more about our water based coating capabilities, please fill out our product request form or contact us directly.

Life-cycle of water-based paints

Water clean up
VOC compliant
Chemical resistant
Weather resistant
Available in a wide range of glosses and colours

Agricultural and Off Road Coatings

Case Study

Completely Customized
A few years ago, one of our agricultural customers required a DTM, high reverse impact, fade resistant coating for multiple seasons in the dealer's yard, 3.5 mil dry over shot blast without solvent popping at 55 volume solids. After developing this unique request, we decided to offer it as a part of our regular product line. We’ve now been selling this particular coating for years.

The Benefits of our Coatings
There are many benefits to choosing products from Superior Finishes for agricultural and off-road use. Our coatings are user friendly for application, offering higher sag and faster dry times with high build. Our coatings can be sprayed airless with little to no solvent popping, and in most cases, our coatings are priced lower than our competition.

Special Products
Superior Finishes offers OPUS™ brand, Kynar Aquatec® based coatings for systems that allow a lower gloss. The OPUS™ brand, Kynar Aquatec® PVDF fluoropolymer coatings offer 5 times the durability with I.R. reflective pigments, making them ideal for military use. Because they are based on a PVDF fluoropolymer, they are mold and mildew resistant and self-cleaning.

We also have solvent and water based 2K Urethane coatings as well as a solvent based ISO free line.

If you’d like to learn more about coatings for agricultural or off-road use, please fill out our product request form, or contact us directly.

Agricultural and Off Road Coatings

1 component
Same application equipment
No pot life problems
Ultra durable for glossy color
Weather resistant
Available in a wide range of colours