Our Process

We take the research, testing and production of our finishes very seriously - from our first conversation with you, through to the delivery of the final product. Here is an overview of our process that is driven by our Lean Manufacturing techniques:

  1. Discovery & Research
    We work closely with you to set the parameters and goals of the particular finish you require. We take into account environmental concerns such as manufacturing plant air conditions, operator safety and disposal of wastes. We also investigate and test the most effective and efficient method of application for the particular finish, including the type of surface preparation needed and the type, time and amount of curing required to achieve maximum results.
  2. Development
    Our chemists identify the desired polymer family and active components to achieve optimum cost-efficiency and performance. The pigments, solvents or water, and finally the additives are chosen to meet all of the requirements. These are compounded, blended and processed in small quantities for testing purposes.
  3. Testing
    The final product is tested for application properties such as viscosity, hiding power, sag resistance, color match to standard, weight per gallon, polarity, PH, gloss, and degree of dispersion. The finish is then applied to the appropriate substrate, cured and its physical properties tested thoroughly. We test for things like hardness, block resistance, chemical resistance, salt spray resistance, flexibility, adhesion, abrasion, elongation, dry time, scratch resistance, humidity resistance, impact resistance and mar resistance.
  4. Fine Tuning
    Adjustments are made based on test results to ensure the highest possible quality of finish.
  5. Long-Term Testing
    We perform accelerated weathering and true-to-life testing of over 5 and 10+ year periods to make sure that the finishes we develop will stand up to everyday use.